Linking devices in Meshnet

Learn how to allow other NordVPN users' devices to access your device within Meshnet
Meshnet lets you grow your private network to 50 external devices and securely transfer data between these devices from anywhere. The advantages of sharing your Meshnet with other trusted users' devices are the same as for any group of devices connected to a local area network (LAN). Creating a private game server to play online multiplayer games with your Meshnet peers is just one example.
Adding your own devices to Meshnet does not require additional steps except enabling Meshnet on your other devices. Inviting other members to your Meshnet is also designed to be fast. However, external devices' owners will need to use their own NordVPN account to be able to join your network.
The following articles contain the steps for how to send an invitation to other NordVPN users to join your Meshnet.
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