Sharing files on iPhone/iPad

Learn how to send and receive files securely and easily over Meshnet on iOS.

This guide provides the information you need to start sharing files over Meshnet using an iPhone or an iPad.

Before you begin

Make sure that the device you want to share files with meets the following criteria:

  • The NordVPN app is running, and the Meshnet feature is enabled in the app.

  • The device is connected to your Meshnet.


You can add devices to your Meshnet in two ways, depending on device ownership:

Send files

You can initiate a file transfer from the NordVPN app or using the iOS/iPadOS sharing menu.

Method 1: From the NordVPN app

  1. If prompted, allow NordVPN to access your files.

  2. Select the Meshnet devices you want to share the files with.


You can only send files to the devices that have the file sharing permission enabled for your device. For more information, see File sharing permissions.

The file transfer begins when the recipient accepts your download request on their device.

For details, consult the appropriate guides:

Method 2: Using the iOS sharing menu

  1. If you want to transfer multiple files at once:

  2. Select the Meshnet devices you want to share the files with.

  3. Tap Send to 1 device. (If multiple devices are selected, the button is labeled with the number of selected devices).

Receive shared files


Make sure that Meshnet is enabled on your device to receive the file transfer request from the sender.

To receive files shared from your Meshnet peer’s device, complete the following steps:

  1. Have your sharer send the file.

  2. After accepting the file, you'll be prompted to select a destination folder where you want to save the file. Choose the appropriate folder and tap Open.​

Keep the NordVPN app open until the download is complete.

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