How to log in to your PC remotely over Meshnet

Learn how to access your computer remotely over Meshnet from Windows, macOS, or Linux.

You may want to remotely access your PC while traveling or working from another location. Meshnet helps protect your remote connection from unauthorized access while keeping it easy to set up.

With Meshnet, you don't have to open your remote device to the public internet, leaving your sensitive data vulnerable to interception. Instead, all the data sent between your local computer and the remote system is encrypted. Additionally, you can restrict which devices are allowed to connect to your Meshnet or manage access permissions for already linked devices.

This guide helps you connect to your computer remotely over Meshnet by using various solutions and technologies tailored for a graphical user interface (GUI) approach.

If you're ready to start, have a look at our instructional video below:

Alternatively, if you prefer written instructions, you can follow the detailed, text-based guides:


For information on accessing devices via SSH, refer to the How to access remote systems over Meshnet using SSH article.

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