Common issues on macOS

Learn how to effectively tackle Meshnet-related problems on macOS.


This page offers troubleshooting advice for Meshnet issues you might face on macOS devices.

Possible issues and their solutions

Each section below outlines a specific problem that may arise when using Meshnet on macOS. Descriptions of the issues are paired with targeted solutions or troubleshooting checklists, depending on the nature of the problem.

Duplicated Meshnet IP address

In rare cases, enabling Meshnet on a few of your macOS devices may sometimes result in identical Nord names and Meshnet IP addresses. In such scenarios, the devices cannot interact with one another, and Meshnet features cannot function between them.

On macOS devices, Meshnet information is stored in the keychain — a secure place for sensitive data. When you migrate to a new Mac or restore your system using a Time Machine backup, the keychain data is transferred exactly as it was. As a result, the NordVPN app finds the same Meshnet details in the keychain and treats the new device as already registered, which results in duplicated Meshnet devices.


Take the following steps on both of the affected devices:

  1. Fully quit the NordVPN app. You may want to use the Option + Command + Esc key combination to force quit it.

  2. Launch Keychain access.

    If you are prompted with the Manage your passwords in system settings dialog, choose Open keychain access.

  3. Under Keychain access, ensure that the All items tab is selected.

  4. In the search field in the upper-right corner, type in nordvpn to display all NordVPN-related keychain entries.

  5. Select all of the found entries, right-click them, and choose Delete items.

    Click Delete to confirm.

  6. Exit Keychain access.

Now you can launch NordVPN and enable Meshnet. Upon enabling the feature, both devices should be assigned unique Meshnet IP addresses and Nord names.

Contact support

If you encounter a problem that is not described on this page or you cannot resolve a problem using the provided guidelines, feel free to contact the NordVPN support staff at

It would be highly beneficial if you could provide the following information when reaching out:

Version of macOS:
NordVPN app version:

Exact issue you are experiencing: 
Any error messages you are seeing:

Steps to reproduce the issue: 
Example report
Version of macOS: macOS Sonoma 14.5
NordVPN app version: 8.19.3

Exact issue you are experiencing: Meshnet does not turn on
Any error messages you are seeing: No

Steps to reproduce the issue:
1. Open NordVPN.
2. Go to the Meshnet tab.
3. Click the Meshnet toggle
4. Toggle spins and returns to the off position.


You can find your current NordVPN app version by clicking NordVPN in the menu bar and then selecting About NordVPN.

For more information, see the How to check the NordVPN app version page.

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