Joint projects

Learn how to set up and work on joint projects over Meshnet.

Simultaneous collaboration is one of the most important factors for people working on a project. You get instant feedback from your peers and are able to make changes on the fly. However such joint solutions are usually cloud-based and can come at a cost. In most cases, self-hosting projects on a personal device is more convenient. The drawback of self-hosted configurations is that only people from the same local network are able to access the project.

With Meshnet, you can easily work on group projects remotely with your peers. Once a service is running on your machine, others can join and contribute to the work in a Meshnet joint project. There is no need to set up a VPN connection or share information over the cloud. Meshnet connects devices to a virtual network, and they treat each other as if they were on the same LAN.

This section includes instructional articles for projects that you can work on with your friends.

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