Configure and access shared folders on macOS

Learn how to configure shared folders and access them on macOS over Meshnet.

In this article, you will learn how to set up a shared folder on macOS and access another device's shared folder from a macOS device.

Create a sharing user

To grant access to your shared content for Meshnet peers, you need to create a new sharing user on your macOS. This newly created account must have a username and password, which will serve as authentication credentials for accessing the shared folder.

  1. Click Add user.

  2. Enter your device's password and select Unlock.

  3. In the new window, click the New user pop-up menu and then choose Sharing only.

  4. Enter a name and password for the user.

  5. Click Create user.

Configure a shared folder

Once you have created the sharing account, you can proceed to enable file sharing on your system and share your desired folder.

  1. In the Shared folders section, click the plus (+) button, choose the folder you want to share, and select Open.

  2. Click the Options button.

  3. Under Windows file sharing, select the user account you created earlier and click Done. You may be asked to enter the password of the added user.

  4. Click Done to exit.


To access the shared folder, the peer device will need to use the sharing account's username and password for authentication.

Access shared folders

  1. Copy the sharer's Nord name from the NordVPN application by clicking it and choosing Copy device’s Nord name.

  2. In the new window, enter smb://, paste the Nord name followed by a slash (/) and the name of the shared folder, and then click Connect. Example


  3. Click Connect once more to confirm the connection.

  4. Select Registered user, and enter the username and password for accessing the shared folder.

  5. If you don't want to enter authentication details for this folder again in the future, select the Remember this password in my keychain option.

  6. Click Connect.

The shared folder should now open in Finder.

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