Renaming devices in Meshnet

Learn how to set custom nicknames for devices in your Meshnet.

When you enable Meshnet, your device gets a default Nord name. However, Meshnet also has a device renaming feature, enabling you to assign custom nicknames to your peer devices. These nicknames serve as visual identifiers and host names, allowing convenient connections between the devices.

Nicknames for personal devices are synced across all devices linked to the same Nord account. This synchronization ensures a consistent experience when switching between your Meshnet devices.

Nicknames for external devices are synced across all personal devices that have the same external device added to their Meshnet. These nicknames are only visible to your account. External peer devices do not see the new name you assign to them.

After applying a nickname, you can access the renamed device with all of these identifiers:




Nickname + .nord


Nord name


Meshnet IP address

Examples of nickname usage
  • Pinging a renamed device called work-macbook:

    Terminal output showing a successful ping command.

  • Connecting over SSH to a renamed device called ubuntu-server:

    SSH command in terminal.

  • Accessing a web server hosted on a renamed peer device called raspberry-pi:

    Internet browser displaying an nginx web server.

  • Connecting to a renamed device called home-pc using a remote desktop app:

    "Remote Desktop Connection" app window with the device's nickname entered in the "Computer" field.

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