Common issues on iPhone/iPad

Learn how to effectively tackle Meshnet-related problems on iOS/iPadOS.


This page lists behavioral traits and issues that can be encountered when using Meshnet on iPhone and iPad devices.

Possible issues and their solutions

This section comprises some of the frequently faced Meshnet-related problems, their descriptions, and possible ways to resolve them.

Cannot access an iOS device even though it is shown as active

When an iOS device is locked, most apps, including NordVPN app for iOS, are in sleep mode to conserve battery life. While in this state, the device appears as inactive in Meshnet. Occasionally, another process or a network change may momentarily activate the app, making the device seem active. However, the app remains in sleep mode and cannot send or receive Meshnet data.

This behavior is caused by the iOS system architecture and cannot be overcome by the NordVPN app.

Contact support

If you encounter a problem not described on this page or you cannot resolve a problem using the provided guidelines, feel free to contact the NordVPN support staff at

It would be highly beneficial if you could provide the following information when reaching out:

Version of iOS/iPadOS:
NordVPN app version:

Exact issue you are experiencing: 
Any error messages you are seeing:

Steps to reproduce the issue: 
Example report
Version of iOS/iPadOS: iOS 15.8.2
NordVPN app version: 8.29.0

Exact issue you are experiencing: Meshnet does not turn on
Any error messages you are seeing: "It's taking longer than usual"

Steps to reproduce the issue:
1. Open NordVPN.
2. Go to the Meshnet tab.
3. Tap "Turn on Meshnet".
4. Toggle spins indefinitely.


For more information, see the How to check the NordVPN app version page.

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