How to set up and access shared folders

Learn how to configure shared folders on Windows, macOS, and Linux, and access them from all devices using Meshnet.

Have you ever needed swift access to files on your home server or computer? Well, the solution lies in creating a shared folder. Picture it as a unique space on your home PC that you can seamlessly open from your phone or laptop, regardless of your location. With the addition of Meshnet, you can enjoy access to this folder without compromising the security of your home network to external threats.

Meshnet establishes secure private tunnels between your devices using NordLynx technology, ensuring top-grade security for connections between devices. With this technology, file sharing between peers worldwide becomes not only safe but also fast.

This guide details how to share folders from any desktop device and access them from other devices through Meshnet. By following the setup procedures documented, you can set up shared folders on your devices and securely share them with your Meshnet peers.

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